Thursday, November 18, 2010

Morning with tupperware cheers


Haiiiii,, good morning to alls, starts your early day with tupperware...
Today item ...

1)Elegencia bowl, very nice looking.this is specials item promoting at RM77.20 for 2.3 liter 10.9 cm (h) x 23.5 cm (d).. this is limited item realese by Malaysia Tupperware...

2) Elegencia bowl number 2 1.5 liter -9.3 cm (h) x 23.5 (d) limited realese RM 64.60.

This two bowl came with Elegencia Petit Pour only with RM16.90 nett.

Buy Both and Enjoy saving with 15 % and plus 4/ elegencia Platter at RM 33.60 (retail RM 48.00) save up to 30 %.

Enjoy your morning and smile with tupperware ....Love Tupperware Everyday...WAN UTAMA

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